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 Discover Bearded Bison: where tradition meets innovation in the world of jerky. Born from a legacy of outdoor enthusiasts and a 70-year-old family recipe, our jerky is more than a snack—it's a testament to resilience and passion. Crafted for those who cherish the wilderness, our products are perfect for your backpack, shooting bag, or pocket. At Bearded Bison, we're not just selling jerky; we're building an empire for the next generation of adventurers. Join us in our mission to deliver exceptional, health-conscious jerky that's enjoyed worldwide, and be a part of a story that's as rich and flavorful as our jerky.

Where our journey from a humble family hobby to a burgeoning jerky empire is steeped in tradition, outdoor passion, and resilience. Founded on a cherished 70-year-old family recipe, our story began in the heart of the wilderness, with every batch of jerky lovingly crafted by hand. As outdoor enthusiasts, we've always believed in the importance of quality, sustainably sourced protein snacks that resonate with the spirit of adventure. Our founder's personal journey, overcoming health challenges and transforming a beloved pastime into a thriving business, is the cornerstone of our brand. Bearded Bison is more than just a name; it's a legacy of enduring strength and dedication, a testament to the power of family, community, and the unyielding call of the wild. Join us in savoring a taste of tradition and the pursuit of excellence, as we bring the finest jerky from our family to yours.